• George Kajaia

The new internet bubble is an advertising bubble

Updated: May 3

Lately, in some places you have heard the thought that we have a new internet bubble. However, no one can say for sure, nor do they know how to inflate this bubble.

With so much media attention on a potential stock market bubble, many investors are wondering what they should do now. My answer would be: Invest in Ebuzzspace!

Why Ebuzzspace? Because it precisely defines the needs of the people.

Namely: An excessive flow of information is very easily available to each of us. Large IT companies take advantage of this and make huge profits from monetisation of advertising. Good examples of this are Google, Facebook, Amazon ... These companies need to distribute money to their users in new ways: the user who views the ad must generate a portion of the revenue from that ad.

As for the eCommerce business, users have to make money to see the product (with some restrictions), regardless of whether the user will buy the product or not.

The biggest company of the future will be the one that will make money for users, on users behalf!

Two-way markets like Uber, Airbnb, Upwork ... also have to pay users to browse the list of services (with some restrictions).

It is noteworthy that the money generated by users using the above methods will be used only to fund startup projects for crowdfunding.

All functions: Internet search engine, social network, crowdfunding, money transfer system, two-way markets should be located on one platform and have one common profile for each user. And these functions will also be separated from each other by the fact that they are individual modules.

Let's now talk about what will be the indicator of internet bubble burst. In my opinion, this will be the moment when a new platform will be created and it will compete with leading technology companies in such a way that the price of their shares will fall on the stock exchange. This winning platform should be built on the methodology represented by Ebuzzspace.

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