• George Kajaia

Crowdfunding in The New Internet Era

Updated: May 5

Crowdfunding turned out to be very attractive for entrepreneurs to fund their venture. Crowdfunding campaign goal is not only to raise funds but also to spread the word about a new product.

It has its downsides. Campaign creators often find crowdfunding to be time-consuming and strenuous. Publicity and backer relations require significant time and effort. For many, this is a necessity to acquire new skills. In addition the production of the product and its shipping to individual backer presents some headaches.

Finding a backer is the most difficult and their number is limited and small. Crowdfunding does not generate enough funds for projects. People do not have high expectations that Kickstarter and Indiegogo companies generally find sponsors for projects. Basically you need to bring investors to these platforms for your projects.

My view on solving these problems is as follows. In general, only 5% of startups are funded. This is a very small number. Big companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and others have to make money for their users. And these funds should be invested in investment projects.

The platform of the future will generate money for users, on their behalf. The platform generates funds equally for itself and its users.

This platform will include Web search, Social Media, Double Sided Marketplaces, E-commerce, Crowdfunding and Payment Network. Users make money at the expense of their own attention. (See my blog New Internet Bubble)

There will be an additional "fee" in the payment network of this platform where clients will use these funds only for investments in projects. This "fee" will be for the clients, but will be used for the intended purpose.

Such a method will make it easier and more affordable to finance investment projects. People will be empowered to make decisions. The vertical created by today's big companies will be dismantled and the income will be more evenly distributed in the society.

These blogs describe my project, which is designed for investors to rate it for funding. Contact us today and we’d be happy to chat!

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