• George Kajaia

What’s Next for Social Media?

Updated: Apr 17

Social media plays a big role in our lives and it is constantly improving. People's interest in digital interconnection is also growing.

We remember how one time successful Myspace lost its authority among the people. Also a failed attempt by Google in the form of Google+.

The functionality of the popular social networks Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Ticktock is based on services that attract the attention of about five billion people on earth.

The most efficient way to take advantage of social media’s popularity is that digital marketers engage social media “influencers” to share messaging and product offers with their followers.Also digital marketers use ads to target specific demographic groups.

The question is what will be the services in the future that people will be happy to meet. I have my answer to this based on my 18 years of experience in the internet field. I suffer from the fact that social media companies, after all, do not place orders with users on content. These companies have to pay users to prepare content in the niche they want. Also the content of the current topic (what video should be shot or the article written) should be dictated by other users.

Subsequently, these works must be broadcast in television format or printed in the form of an online publishing house (which is part of this social media company), which will be monetised in the same way as traditional television or digital press.

It resembles investigative journalism with modern social networking tools.

Advertising Income should be distributed to users who view or click on this ad. Because these users are targeted by this ad and should not be distributed incorrectly to intermediaries such as affiliate marketing.

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