• George Kajaia

The connection of politics to the Internet in the future

The more the Internet itself grows, the more political activity takes place on the Internet. While the Internet plays a major role in governance, campaigning, and activism, there is a debate about how digital and social media should change political life.

In my opinion, the time has come when internet platforms themselves should create a political party that will pursue only those policies that will be dictated by their users. Any pre-election promises, bills or strategic partnerships should be developed as a result of public opinion polls. This particular politician will carry out only those activities that the users of this platform deem appropriate.

I would also like to point out that politicians and this political system cannot stop what is being described as follows: the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. An acceleration of wealth gap widening. In some countries, such as the United States government and President Biden in particular, people are being promised a minimum wage of up to $ 15. This is impossible because there are industries where enterprises work at a very minimal margin, such as the restaurant industry.

Only the new internet platform I am describing can fix this problem. We will not be able to increase hourly pay, but we will be able to provide people with an additional source of income by monetising their attention. We mean monetisation of activities where people do not work extra. This is watching TV or having fun with electronic gadgets.

In particular, when a user sees or clicks on an ad on Ebuzzspace search engine and social network, this user must receive a portion of the ad revenue. And in e-commerce, the user must generate money when viewing the product regardless of whether that user will purchase the product. They will be able to use this amount by investing in projects that will bring significant profits.

This functionality can change the capitalist system for the better. People massively seize these new opportunities easily.

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