• George Kajaia

What E-commerce Will Look Like in The Future?

Updated: May 14

Amazon is the leading eCommerce company in the world. It has many tools for users to easily buy and sell products.

People go shopping on Amazon because this brand is known to everyone, its name is easy to remember, easy to find on the internet, has a very high standard of service.

But the question is: is that enough? Do people in modern times need to get more? And if so then what should this know-how be?

If you do an internet search you will find that there are many eCommerce websites which have the same or better service than Amazon but they are not so well known to the people. Finding them is not easy: it is difficult to remember all the URLs when needed.

The solution is for the new platform to integrate such websites together and place their products on its platform in parallel.

In addition, the most distinguishing feature of such a service would be that these companies would pay viewers to see their products (with some restrictions), regardless of whether or not these users buy the products.

The amount issued will be regulated depending on whether the viewer generates this amount in good faith. It does not have to be just for the sake of making money. Whoever has historically had a high level of purchases will be rewarded more and more often with cash for viewing new products.

The reason for such a scheme is that the money of marketers should not go only to the pockets of companies or intermediaries such as Google ads or Affiliate marketers. This amount should be redistributed to those for whom this ad is intended. The advertiser has to pay the user directly in order for him to focus on his products.

The structure of this platform that I have described will fully compete with Amazon, E-bay and others.

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