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Why should a web search engine, two-way markets and social media be united on one platform?

Updated: May 9

I believe that transfers should be made between profiles (in-house banking) when buying a product or service. Making different data transfers linked to profiles will make it easier to find a product or service.

Transferring between profiles is a two-way market. Because we want to make any transfers so any two-way market function should be on the platform. These independent markets are interconnected by a money transfer mechanism.

Also, these markets should be separated from each other: each market user should have an independent profile when selling.

Uber, Airbnb do not have in-house banking functionality. Even if they have this feature, they will not be able to make all the transfers because they represent only one specific market: ride sharing and hospitality.

Any one-way marketer (who sells things unilaterally, for example can use this transfer service as follows: They will be presented on the platform with an independent profile. Transfers will be made using their profile.

Web search engine, two-way markets, ecommerce, crowdfunding, in-house banking, social media, all of these functionalities are presented in the form of two-way markets (or represent it themselves). That is why they must be united on one platform.

In the search engine and social media, users will receive a share of advertising revenue, so we will also consider them as two-way markets.

This scheme is built to tell vendors that in order to better sell their product or service it is better to pay people to view their products or services regardless of whether they make a purchase or not. In doing so, they are more likely to attract potential customers than traditional advertising, affiliate marketing or other buyer engagement tools. This is one of the reasons why our platform structure is built this way. This is a new, innovative approach to advertising that has never been used before.

We set up the above system so that users can get the revenue that big companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon and others do not share with them. They have huge cash from which the share belongs to the users.

Users will use the funds generated to fund crowdfunding projects. Generally only 5% of startup projects are funded worldwide which is a very low rate. By my method the wealth will be distributed more evenly among the people.

These blogs describe my project, which is designed for investors to rate it for funding. Contact us today and we’d be happy to chat!

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